10 tips to get healthy long hair

Our hair is the most beautiful thing which can change our personality and looks. Long, beautiful, soft, manageable, thick hair every girl need. But nowadays it’s too difficult to achieve like this hair because of everyday lifestyle, stress, pollution, intake unhealthy junk foods etc.

But if you already have a long and thick hair then maintenance is a very difficult task. Its require proper care.

Today, I give you 10 tips to get healthy long hair. Lets begin……

1. Know your hair type

Our first step is to know our hair type. Suppose, you go to the hospital for your illness. If the doctor cannot identify your problem then he/she give you the wrong medicine for this your health become iller.

Like this way, if you cannot know your hair type you apply wrong shampoo, conditioner, or wrong hair oil. For this, you get more hair fall. And your hair becomes more damage.

  • Type of hair

If you have damaged hair then your hair type is dry.

If you touch your hair scalp you feel oiliness. Then you have oily hair.

Otherwise, you have a normal hair type.

In the market, there are lots of shampoos available according to your hair type. choose the right shampoo which is also paraben and sulfate free.

2. Oiling your hair twice a week

Oiling your hair must. Hot oil is beneficial for hair because, it’s deeply penetrated on hair. Whenever you wash your hair before 2 hours you must apply hot oil.

Take 2teaspoon coconut oil(you can choose any oil like olive oil, sesame oil, avocado oil etc), ½ teaspoon castor oil(as per your hair length you mixed oil in this ratio) mixed well. Then go for double bowler process.

What is double bowler process?

In a pan take some water. Then move it on a gas oven when the water starts bowling than in the water place a bowl with this oil. Heat up. After a few second you put out your bowl. Now your oil is ready to apply on the scalp.

Don’t heat the oil too much its harm your scalp.

3. Right way to wash your hair

Don’t apply shampoo directly on your scalp. Always mix the shampoo with some water. If possible take some drops of essential oil(not necessary). At first wash, your hair with plain water then mixed the shampoo with water thoroughly massage your scalp. Because, when you apply it on your scalp it’s easily spread all over your hair.

4. Using Conditioner

After washing your hair, it lost his normal moisture. When you apply conditioner its lock hair moisture for this your hair not getting dry.

Don’t apply hair conditioner directly on your scalp. Only apply hair length.

5. Using a hair mask

Once a week, you must apply a hair mask. I personally love coconut milk hair mask.

  •    Take some crushed coconut, blend it on a blender. Then extract the juice out of the coconut. You cant get coconut milk. Then heat up for some minute. After cool down, your coconut milk is ready to use.
  •          Take one bowl methi seeds. Soak it overnight with some water. Next morning blend it with one onion mixed it well. Apply this mask for 30 minutes then wash off your regular shampoo.

6. Avoid heating tools

Don’t use too much heating tools, its damage your hair. If you have urgent to use then at first spray heat protector all over your hair then apply heating tools.

7. Regular head massage

Head massage improves your blood circulation which helps you to grow your hair fast. It is not necessary for massage your hair with oil, in the morning when you wake up you simply do a head massage that gives you refresh your mind. Or bed time, just flip your hair front of your face then massage, its called inversion method.

8. Using Coldwater for a rinse

When we say the heat is very bad for our scalp, then it is also necessary using hot water also dry your hair.

In the summer month there is no problem but in the winter also not to use hot water on the scalp. The full body you can use cold water but in the hair, you must use cold water.

9. Use Wide-toothed comb

Use the right hair brush is also important. Wooden hair brush is best. If you don’t have this then use a wide-toothed comb. It helps to achieve less hair fall. Neem wooden hairbrush is helped to remove dandruff, and bacteria free scalp. We all know neem has an anti-bacterial property which helps your scalp healthy.

10. Using silk pillow cover

The cotton pillow cover is damaged your hair. It gives you split ends very fast. Silk pillow cover helps to protect your hair.

If you don’t have this then you can use silk saree. When you go for sleep just cover your pillow with silk saree that’s it.

Hope so these tips help you to achieve long and thick hair.

Article Writer:   Protiva Biswas

Picture Source:    pixabay

Email:   protiva@dainikdarpan.in

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