Best 5 uses of Lemon essential oil

Hi guys, today I talk about god gifted fruit Lemon. Why do I tell that it is god gifted? Because, lemon is a multipurpose fruit which enhances our beauty, improves our body system and so on. Lemon is packed up with vitamin C. It’s inner juice or peel both are very beneficial for our skin, hair, health also. A lemon essential oil is much stronger than lemon juice. we can say that 1 kg of lemon essential oil is equalled to 3000 lemon rinds. that’s means if we want to make 1kg lemon essential oil you need 3000 lemon rinds. I think you can understand how much concentrated it is.

Best 5 Uses of Lemon Essential oil

Lemon contains antibacterial, antifranglras and detoxifying properties which can help out to clarifying skin. Its refreshing scent can boost up your energy. It also has antiaging properties which help to slow down the anti-ageing process. We know how much vitamin c is beneficial for our skin. Lemon contains a high amount of vitamin c. It brightens up our skin, reduces blemishes and helps to even out our skin. It also helps to remove acne and acne marks. Lemon helps to reduce or manage our weight. It detoxifying our body. In many ways, you use Lemon or Lemon Essential oil but here I am telling you which way I can use it in my daily life.

lemon essential oil for skin

In many ways, you use Lemon or Lemon Essential oil but here I am telling you which way I can use it in my daily life.


  1. In the morning you can take lemon water in empty stomach. This can helps you to reduce weight or belly fat.

Take one full lemon, cut into half and squeeze its juice. This juice mixed with hot water and add some honey to it.

This is the best morning drink for refreshing my mood and manage my mood.

  1. I use it also on my face pack. Take 2 teaspoon tomato puree,1 teaspoon basan and squeeze half lemon slice. Then mixed it very well. Use this face mask every alternate day.

This facemask vanishes your suntan, brighten up your skin, add on some glow on your face.

  1. If you want to reduce your dandruff then lemon is the best option.

Take one ripe banana, one teaspoon honey, take some curd(as per your hair length) lastly one full lemon juice or 6-8 drops of lemon essential oil. Mixed whole things very well.

Use this mask weekly one day. This gives you a fantastic result.

  1. Lemon is also known for its refreshing smell. It refreshes your mood instantly.

Take some drops of lemon essential oil on diffuser candles. Its aromatic smell just cools down your mind.

  1. You can add lemon essential oil in your nighttime skincare routine.

Take some night cream(as peruse choice or skin type) and some aloe vera gel, add 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil mixed it properly, apply on your face. In the morning you can see brighten the face.

Many ways you can use Lemon or Lemon Essential oil in your Life. I tell you my uses.

You can get essential oil in the market and online also. I give you some links below,1,G,11214002,g,search,,272217694707,1o9,,,c,,,,,,,&s_kwcid=AL!739!3!272217694707!!!g!403456218945!&ef_id=WjX8gQAAAGdVynFi:20181005161806:s

Personally, I use Good Vibes Lemon Essential oil. It is very affordable for anyone.

Let’s talk about Good Vibes Lemon Essential oil

CLAIM:  Brightens the skin and reduces the formation of excess oil, Prevents the premature ageing. Awakens the senses.

KEY INGREDIENT: Citrus Limonum.

HOW TO USE:  Mix 3-4 drops into 5ml of any Good Vibes Carrier oil for massage.

Always patch test before use

Article Writer: Protiva Biswas


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