How To Lose Face Fat|Get Slimmer Face Easily At Home

How To Lose Face Fat|Get Slimmer Face Easily At Home

Hello friends, today’s topic is very useful for women and girls TO LOSE FACE FAT. Nowadays everybody wants to get a shaped body, toned face and glowing skin. We use many things to maintain our skin and body sometimes this remedies works for us but sometimes our remedies do not work correctly. This time everybody so busy they do not have any time for a workout. Today I give you simple tips and tricks which help you to lose face fat easily at your workplace or anywhere. And also some home remedies.

At first, I recommend you to do Facial Exercise. I tell you 4 useful exercise to slim down your face easily at home.

  1. Mouth Movement

You just sitting straight, and open your mouth as much possible as you can. Next step close your mouth. Doing this step fastly wait for 3 sec then you repeat this steps. Doing this face yoga 3 times a day. After one month you can see your changes.

  1. Tongue Movement

Sitting straight, move out your tongue and move in your tongue. This is very easy yoga to get a slimmer face. You can do this exercise 3 time in a day and repeat this 4 times a day.

  1. Puffy face

This exercise is an amusing exercise. You can do only one thing closed your lips, puff your cheeks with air. Then hold this position and move this air one side to another side. That’s all.

  1. Do hundred kisses

I think some of you when reading this point you just smiling and thinking about your husband, boyfriend and babies. But sorry I don’t tell you to do this with them I just tell you doing this pose a hundred times in a day. This also helps you to get rid of from face fat.

Now I suggest you some home remedies for How to lose face fat and get a toned face.

  1. Massaging your face daily. This is the best remedy. At first clean, your face then toning it after that take soma olive oil and massage upward direction. Doing these weekly 3-4 days. It not only lose your face fat but also its enhance your beauty and give you lustrous skin.
  2. You can also buy face lifting tools. But I suggest you doing face exercise that’s a much better option.
  3. Everybody knows that green tea is excellent for weight loss its antibacterial property helps to protect your skin from inner and outer. It also helps to lose face fat.


  1. Chewing gum can also help you to get a slimmer face. This is also very beneficial. When you see any movie you just replace your popcorn and cold drinks with chewing gum. This not also helps you to avoid junk foods but also helps your extra fat from your face.


After all this thing last I tell you something else. Everything depends on our lifestyle. If you do exercise, yoga, home remedies or another thing that’s a start to work properly only when you just belong from a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. You just avoid junk foods, cold drinks, pizza and intake healthy foods like vegetables, smoothies etc. This not all helps to maintain your weight but also helps to get glowing skin.


Article Writer: Protiva Biswas


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